TranceElements TE#037

Hello, my dear listeners ­čśÇ

Due to some plans for the near future, I had to do a more progressive episode of TranceElements. It will power me up on the treadmills here in Bavaria ­čśÇ From now on I have a challange, which means you will have a more sporty Martin on the wheels of steel from summer 2016 on. So do not be surprised to hear more pumping tracks in this one!

The playlist:

TranceElements 037

01. Armin van Buuren feat. Kensington – Heading Up High (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Armada Music´╗┐]´╗┐
02. Dimension – Mangata (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Flashover Recordings´╗┐]´╗┐
03. Above & Beyond – AI (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Anjunabeats´╗┐]´╗┐
04. Dino Rano – Besaid (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Macarize´╗┐]´╗┐
05. Daun Giventi – Sutra (Extended Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Enhanced Progressive´╗┐]´╗┐
06. Chris Schweizer – Kronos (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Armada Captivating´╗┐]´╗┐
07. Beat Service & Sarah Russell – Would You (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐RazNitzanMusic´╗┐]´╗┐
08. Paul Thomas – Shadow Of Two (Maarten de Jong Remix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Outburst Records´╗┐]´╗┐
09. Antillas feat. Ankh – If I Run (Venom One Remix) ´╗┐[´╗┐IHU Records (Armada)´╗┐]´╗┐
10. Jeremy Vancaulart Assaf – Citadel (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Black Sunset Music´╗┐]´╗┐
11. Radion6 feat. Neev Kennedy – Nothing Here But Goodbye (Ron Alperin Remix) ´╗┐[´╗┐RazNitzanMusic´╗┐]´╗┐
12. 4Strings – Illumina (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Amsterdam Trance Records´╗┐]´╗┐
13. Parity – Nepal (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Flashover Trance´╗┐]´╗┐
14. Oleg Farrier – Alpina (Original Mix) ´╗┐[´╗┐Alter Ego Records´╗┐]´╗┐

Hope you have fun listening to it!

Regards and be sporty,


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April 6, 2016

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