Martin Drake - producer and DJ
Martin had music on this mind right from the beginning. Spinning the first records at the age of 2 he started learning to play the keys. Aged 12 he got his hands on his first Amiga – tracking music was his new obsession. Around 2000 he started producing in a more professional environment with several musicians. Mainly trance and progressive as „4nation“, „Jerry Martins“, „Clubburners“ – but also rock-pop music was on his mind.

Being a producer for some years now Martin is finally hitting the decks. No matter which kind of subgenre – new school trance, uplifting or progressive house – he is mixing and mangling them all. This, he does alone as Martin Drake – together with DJ Alex Wagner he teamed up for GAS!

Now, he joins forces with his companion from „Jerry Martins“, „Sledge & Seavers“, „DJ Code Red“ and many other projects to get started with the label „Distinctly Records“.

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