Ah well, two masters in uplifting trance world coliding and doing a fantastic fusion: it’s the fantastic Alan Morris with his new single „Born“. But not on his own label Transistic Records, which had a marvelous and constant output of high quality Trance-tunes. This time he offers this pounder on my alltime label Monster Pure! What a blast!

First, I thought „Well, just another happy trance tune“. But than the magic began – and it really got me with it’s magic atmosphere and vivid collage of synthsounds. And uplifting to please the crowd. And to be honst: it adds another quality to my sets, too. While I really try not to play tunes in major scale, this one will have it’s place from now on. Reminds me of the tune from the good old times when I bought vinyl from Vandit.

I really would like to check this tune on Youtube or Beatport and buy it. Or ask me for it to be on the next TranceElements 😉 Perhaps there will be another 30 minutes of finest Uplifting stuff!